5 ways warehouse recycling sacks can help with waste management

September 2021

Keep your workplace safe and tidy, and fulfil your recycling obligations with these easy to use warehouse recycling sacks. The market-leading solution for waste segregation in industrial settings, racksack® is a simple system to put in place.

How can they help?

1. They save space
Designed for most racking and shelving systems, quickly affix the racksack® to the end of your pallet racking frame, cage or trolley using ’S’ shaped hooks. No need for bulky bins.

2. Easy to remove and empty
You can easily remove racksack® when it is full. Use the handles that are woven into the sides and the base to tilt and empty.

3. Compliant with legislation
Meets the EU & UK waste segregation legislation.

4. Use them over and over again
Made from waterproof polyester, the sacks are hard-wearing and re-usable making them a sustainable option for the modern warehouse.

5. Easy to identify and segregate waste
Available in a range of colour coded designs, racksack® can be used for almost any recyclable material.

Designed to last

Made from tough waterproof polyester, racksack® is designed to last. It can also be customised with your company logo and branding.

See racksack® in action

Check out the video below to see racksack® in use.

Learn more

Take a look at these brochures to read about the racksack® range in more detail.

Racksack® Brochure 1
Racksack® Brochure 2
Click on this PDF to read about UK waste regulations for businesses.

Ready to order?

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