Rack Inspections

Linear Storage Solutions offer a comprehensive racking inspection service

Why regular rack inspections are important

    To prevent and minimise accidents
    To increase safety in the workplace
    To comply with the requirements of “The Work Health Safety and Welfare Regulations” & “The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998.”

Pallet racking is considered workplace equipment and must be inspected in order for companies to fulfil their Health and Safety obligations in this area.

Why use Linear Storage Solutions

  • SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) trained and qualified inspector
  • All inspections are carried out in accordance with the SEMA Racking Inspection guidelines
  • Linear store all inspection reports online for easy access, creating a clear historical record
  • We issue a list of all RED RISK items on the day of the rack safety inspection so immediate action can be taken on those items

What we provide

  • An easy to read jargon-free racking inspection report
  • A visual layout guide to any damaged racking with pictures illustrating the type of damage
  • A detailed list of the damaged components along with their specifications
  • Information highlighting any additional operational / housekeeping issues we feel should be brought to your attention
  • We can train your staff to carry out weekly inspections correctly

Frequency of inspections

This will depend on a variety of factors, which will be different for each installation. Just as you would have your accounts audited once a year, we recommend that you have an annual racking inspection. More frequent inspections may be required if your warehouse has a high level of activity. It is a good idea to carry out weekly inspections and we would encourage you to ask us about training your staff to do this. If you notice any damage and want a second opinion, please send us a photo and we’ll be more than happy to offer advice.

It is important to keep records of all inspections. Even in new facilities, inspections are important. Occasional damage, stresses over time, changes in the loads being stored, beam levels being altered – all pose risks.

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