Drive-In Racking

Features of Drive-In Racking

A drive-in pallet racking system is ideal if you are short of space but have lots of goods that you need to store on pallets.

Without the need for access aisles, drive-in racking provides for 60-80% more storage over conventional ‘aisle’ racking.

Pallets are stored on guide rails. Forklift trucks enter these ‘storage lanes’ to deposit or retrieve loads.

Access can be from one end (the true ‘drive-in’ configuration) or from both ends (‘drive-through’, allowing improved stock rotation).

The first pallet placed into a lane will be the last out so stock selectivity is restricted.  This is less of a problem when loads are sent in batches.

This system is also useful for cold stores where lots of pallets need to be stored, or for long term storage of slow-moving or seasonal products.


  • High density pallet storage
  • Good use of floor space
  • Fairly quick to install

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