Push Back, Pallet & Carton Live

Features of Push Back, Pallet & Carton Live Racking

Push back racking

Push back racking makes efficient use of space. Pallets are loaded on to a trolley or runners and are literally “pushed back” up the lane. When a pallet is retrieved the remaining pallets roll forward.

  • Pallets can be stored up to four deep in a block with access from one aisle only.
  • No specialist handling equipment is required.
  • Unlike pallet live storage this is a LIFO system (last in first out).

Pallet live

Pallet live storage allows pallets to be loaded on to rollers at the rear of the rack so stock is picked on a FIFO (first in first out) basis. As each load is removed from the front, the next pallet can roll into position and take its place.

  • Increased density of storage
  • Automatic stock rotation as pallets are loaded at the rear of the rack
  • Direct access is available to all items stored (unlike drive-in or bulk storage)
  • No specialist handling equipment is required.
  • Pallet live storage can be used as part of a conventional racked warehouse where order picking (box picking) is carried out.

Carton Live

This system offers ‘first in, first out’ storage.  It is ideal for areas handling and using fast moving product lines.

  • Manual, hand-loaded system.
  • Inclined trays of roller tracks let goods roll down dedicated lanes within the trays, from the loading to the picking face.
  • System is tailored to the size and weight of the items stored.

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