Automotive Shelving

Maximise the storage potential of your tyre depot, MOT centre or garage workshop space

Automotive Shelving Efficiencies

Spend less time searching for parts

You can maximise the storage potential and efficiency of your warehouse, tyre depot, MOT centre or garage workshop by choosing the right shelving solutions to store automotive parts.

Working out how to store small automotive parts along with bulky tyres and exhaust pipes can be a challenge but using an efficient solution can make a huge difference to your business.

Create a smart solution

Longspan and Expo shelving systems can be used in a number of environments. Longspan comes in a wide range of profiles and sizes and can be customised. For example, the shelving system can be used to great effect to:

  • hang exhaust pipes;
  • provide safe and robust storage for car tyres;
  • store small loose parts if fitted with shelving and/or plastic bins.

Aim high

Some shelving frames, notably the Midispan range, can hold up to 8800kg and frame dimensions can be as big as 9000mm (h) by 2700mm (w). Please note that the frames of high bays need to be bolted to the floor. We will supply the correct floor bolts for you.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • System can be delivered quickly
  • Shelf levels can be easily adjusted to suit different size tyres
  • Tyre racks are supplied 450mm deep and we have a variety of standard bay sizes to accommodate 14 to 60 tyres per bay
  • Frames can accommodate chipboard or steel shelves for storing boxes
  • Wide variety of heights and widths are available

Other Services

Racking Accessories

Linear can supply accessories to enhance your racking and shelving system. Choose from a wide range of products including various shelving options, safety features and labelling to modify your installation to suit your needs.

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Small Parts Shelving

Our adjustable storage systems can be designed to store small parts like nuts and bolts, fixings and fasteners. A full range of accessories including dividers, drawer units, bin fronts and lockable cabinets is also available.

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Product Catalogues

Browse our commercial and storage and handling catalogues to see our range of racking and shelving solutions including garment hanging, lockers, plastic bins for small parts storage, workbenches and more.

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